The Kids Espadrille

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Our iconic espadrille in brown suede represents the mark of our first-ever model for kids. This eye-catching shoe is crafted on a braided jute sole with a thin rubber sole, creating a superb grip and comfort. Finished in soft suede to add a touch of elegance for playful summer activities.

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* Crafted by hand in Spain * Brown Suede * Natural jute sole with rubber grip * Reinforced heel counter for ideal fit * Thin canvas lining * Heel patch in suede with embossed MORJAS logo
The espadrille is pre-treated with a protecting spray in the factory. However, treat your shoes with a suede protective spray regularly. Keep 15-20cm distance when spraying. If your suede starts becoming a bit “hairy”, remove the hair with the fire of a lighter. Keep some distance to the shoes so only the “top” of the flame is applied to the shoes to avoid the risk of burning marks. Jute fibres tend to absorb water, which can lead to swelling and a temporary softening of the material. This could affect the shape and strength of the jute sole over time. To prolong the life and beauty of your jute-soled Espadrilles, we recommend avoiding exposure to wet conditions, rain, and puddles. If your shoes do get wet, allow them to air dry naturally. Avoid excessive heat, as it can compromise the fibres' integrity.

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