It's exactly what it says on the tin. Suit or Formal are the most used names for this dress code. Simply put, you are expected to wear a suit. A rule of thumb is that a dark suit is more formal and celebratory. If the couple has specified "summer wedding", it's more than acceptable to roll up in a lighter-coloured and more airy suit, in linen or tropical wool, for example.

For your shoes, opt for a more subtle look. The most classic approach would be a black calf Oxford shoe. However, for a more casual look, The Penny Loafer is also a good choice.

Image: Andreas Weinås wearing a double-breasted chalk-striped suit with a white-blue-lined shirt and dark navy grenadine tie. Wearing The Oxford in black calf for our campaign back in 2018. A good reference for a formal wedding occasion when the dress code is formal/suit.

Black Tie

Probably the most straightforward dress code, as it is hard to go outside the boundaries. Black Tie requires you to wear a tuxedo, a bow tie, and finer shoes.

Oxfords in black patent or Opera Pumps in black patent will be your most traditional strategy.

The final shoe option for black tie would be The Belgian Loafer. It's not a traditional black tie shoe, but this modern take on the dress code allows for greater usability outside the context of a wedding.

Image: Black tie as styled by Morjas for the Christmas campaign in December 2020




White Tie (also known as evening wear or full dress)

The most formal dress code. When wearing a white tie, take a look at how white tie was worn during the early 1900s. You want a black line going all the way from top to bottom, with minimum visibility of the white waistcoat. You want the ending line of the jacket to finish just where the trousers start. See images for reference and inspiration.

When it comes to footwear, black patent shoes are a must. We like to wear The Opera Pump, a heritage style that has been worn on formal occasions for decades—especially for white tie. However, a pair of black patent oxfords is also perfectly adequate.

Image: White tie illustrated, circa 1930s

King Felipe VI of Spain wearing white tie impeccably. Notice the black line from top to bottom and the perfect pleats on the trousers.

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