One of the core values at MORJAS is to give back. This includes giving back to our team, to our customers and to our community. Including this core value in our DNA has been natural and one of the most important assets as we grow – it gives us a higher purpose. Since we started our collaboration with Because International and The Shoe That Grows we’ve donated 2302 pairs of shoes. And who made it possible? You.

Each quarter we summarize how much we’ve sold for and then donate 1% of that directly to The Shoe That Grows. So, when investing in something from MORJAS you are personally contributing to this positive cycle of innovation: an echo system that stimulates local economy through the local manufacturing in Kenya and Ethiopia.

517 pairs donated during Q4 202
1.2302 pairs in total since start.
$46,040 donated in total.

So a big thank you for being part of MORJAS as you help us grow and evolve with our social mission.

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