In the guide below, we'll talk about how to wear loafers with shorts effortlessly.

good balance between shorts and top


Make sure to keep a good balance between your shorts and what you are wearing on top. The material can differ, but we aim for a cohesive palette with light, flowy garments that work well for summer.

how to wear loafers with shorts ethan glenn


When wearing shoes and shorts, we like to go sockless in order to create a holistic look without any breaks in the silhouette. However, when done right, a pair of white, sportier socks can work wonders.

Pictured: @ethanglenn in The Penny Loafer

giorgio armani wearing loafers and shorts1


The length of the shorts makes all the difference. Giorgio Armani is the godfather of casual yet well-dressed summer clothing—especially when it comes to wearing shorts with loafers. Take a look at the picture, and you'll understand. His shorts are not too short nor too long. The pleats exude a sense of formality while perfectly matching in colour with his t-shirt. He finishes it off with a casually worn sweater over the shoulders. The cherry on top? Classic, burgundy loafers—sockless, of course.

If you are looking for similar loafers, check out The Ivy Loafer in burgundy.

jake woolf wearing boat shoes and shorts1


The loafers and shorts look isn't just for loafers. @jakewoolf demonstrates this beautifully, adding his own twist to the classic combination. The sporty material of his shorts gives the outfit a more casual vibe, while the crisp shirt adds a touch of formality. He completes the look with a pair of moccasins, The Boat Shoe in black grain, showing how this style can be adapted to different preferences.

Shoes to wear with shorts

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