The range's colour scheme consists of solid dark brown suede and deep black in two different textures, which are easy to pair with most looks.

Our version of the Boat Shoe is a step ahead in looks and silhouette. We've replaced the classic white sole with a colour-matched one and introduced an unlined construction, giving it a unique, slightly slouchy look.

Here are some of our favourite ways of wearing them right now.

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On a yacht, anywhere

With its relaxed construction, The Boat Shoe becomes a comfortable haven for your feet, made for lounging around in any setting. After a day at sea, it's time for dinner. For a casual evening, we like to wear them with wide jeans, dress them up with a navy blazer, and add a touch of sportiness with a crisp polo.

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Tonal seaside

Another way we like to wear The Boat Shoe is by matching it with airy garments in complementing colour shades. Here, we styled it with a soft beige linen trouser paired with an equally flowy linen shirt. Finally, to tie it together - The Belt in Sand suede.

how to style the boat shoe in black suede 1200x1200

A calm evening

Navy is a great, neutral colour that blends excellently with black. Here, we have used a navy knit with black suede boat shoes. The white trousers create a nice contrast between the two colours and balance everything out. The result is an elegant but casual look that can be worn under the shade of a coastal town from day to night.

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