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Our Team

We are a Stockholm-based company with roots in the Mediterranean. As a team, we value "the sniper approach", which means we are passionate about doing a few things exceptionally well instead of doing a lot of things just OK. Our drive comes from delivering our best through our desire to go further in everything we do.

Jesper 1280x720-2023 Jesper 1280x720-2023
daniel 1280x720-1 daniel 1280x720-1
Henrik - CEO & Founder Henrik - CEO & Founder
Christopher - Marketing Manager Christopher - Marketing Manager
Simon - COO Simon - COO
Martina 1280x720 Martina 1280x720
lovisa 1280x720 lovisa 1280x720
Jack 1280x720 Jack 1280x720
Erik 1280x720-2023 Erik 1280x720-2023
Camilla 1280x720 Camilla 1280x720
tove 1280x720 tove 1280x720
Rasmus 1280x720 Rasmus 1280x720
Boris 1280x720 Boris 1280x720
Emelie 1280x720 Emelie 1280x720
Vincent 1280x720 Vincent 1280x720
Linton 1280x720 Linton 1280x720
want to join our team want to join our team

Want to join our team?

We are a young and curiosity driven team with sky-high ambitions to realize our vision of becoming #1 in our niche. For us it’s all about the team and we’re always looking for superstars. See our open positions or send a spontaneous application.

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