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Collection update: introducing our new leather


If you’re an avid MORJAS follower you know that the majority of our products are permanent. Our philosophy is to refine, improve and develop our products over time rather than create new designs season after season. It’s an approach that we think makes sense both in terms of environmental footprint and product lifetime. We rather create pieces of craft with high quality that weathers any trend or season, than design items that gives after to impulse.

As a result, our products will always develop. It’s a result of customer feedback and internal insights. Our model of selling exclusively straight to the customer allows us gain valuable insights that in turn help to improve our products. Sometimes the tweaks are subtle and invisible to the naked eye. Other times the facelifts are more severe. Like this one.

We’ve transitioned to a completely new leather. It’s a full grain calf leather from Germany-based Weinheimer Leder.


  • The previous leather was slightly too soft: giving more room for creases
  • The previous leather was too shiny: our customers prefer a slightly more matte finish
  • The brown calf and the burgundy calf of the previous leather were quite close in their shade, making the colours hard to differentiate

The new leather is:

  • A full grain leather with a matte finish, which looks more elegant
  • A somewhat stiffer leather which is slightly harder to break in, but that will age better during the years
  • A more distinct colour difference between brown and burgundy
previous-leather previous-leather
new-leather new-leather

This is a result of 16 months of work. Our Chief Product Officer, Simon, shares his thoughts about the project:

The best part of what we do is that we get to speak one-on-one with our customers. I get notifications of every customer review, I read external reviews and I track what our customers are saying in our surveys. The beauty of that is that we can constantly push the boundaries on the quest towards perfection. After carefully reviewing our leather we made the decision to look for new alternatives. It has been an exciting journey where we’ve scanned numerous tanneries and finally ended up partnering with Germany-based Weinheimer Leder which can deliver what we want in terms of quality, consistency and performance.

What has been the toughest part in this project?

To get the exact right shade of burgundy that we want. We’re quite unique on the market with our burgundy. We want it dark. We don’t want people to walk around in red shoes. We want the shade to be so subtle that it looks almost black at night and then hint the almost aubergine-like colour during the day. I’m very happy with how it turned out.

What are you most proud about?

The factory finish that we’ve achieved. We’ve worked closely with our factory to get the perfect amount of shine across the whole shoe. I think our customers will appreciate the richness of the leather that is on another level.

Can we look forward to any additional collection updates soon?

There will be many exciting things in the next couple of months. I just got back from visiting our factories in Spain and I’m pretty sure our customers will like what’s coming.

brown calf vs brown calf1 brown calf vs brown calf1
burgundy calf vs burgundy calf burgundy calf vs burgundy calf