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We are grateful to be working with some of the coolest, kindest, sharpest and most unique personalities in the world. We are always looking for the people who have a strong X-factor. It has to be genuine and we want our collaboration to be a loving two-way relationship. Below you’ll find some hand-picked inspiration from collaborations we’ve made.

creative-juice-2.5-du-rietz-design creative-juice-2.5-du-rietz-design

Interview: Du Rietz Design

In 2017 the Swedish-born, Mallorca-based couple, split from their day jobs—Josephine was an interior designer at a real estate company, Christoffer ran a consultancy business in digital design—to fulfill their dreams in property development.

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du rietz morjas3 du rietz morjas3
morjas du rietz design morjas du rietz design
John Goldberger for Morjas John Goldberger for Morjas

Interview: John Goldberger

Auro Montanari, who goes by the pseudonym John Goldberger, is known for having one of the world’s rarest watch collections and being one of the most respected experts in the field. We are honored to be the first brand ever in the menswear space to do a campaign with the man, who to many, is considered a legend.

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John Goldberger John Goldberger
Goldberger in the kitchen Goldberger in the kitchen
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the sneaker 02 white leather the sneaker 02 white leather
Luca Rubinacci for Morjas 7 Luca Rubinacci for Morjas 7

Interview: Luca Rubinacci

He grew up in a tailoring family in Naples. Moved to Milano. And became an icon across the globe. Luca Rubinacci has been leading with style and smile since day one and to many the phrase “heellooo everyooonne” has become a daily smile drug.

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luca-rubinacci luca-rubinacci
luca-rubinacci1 luca-rubinacci1
broadway-and-sons1 broadway-and-sons1

Interview: Broadway & Sons

For the launch of The Hiking Boot we teamed up with the brothers of Broadway & Sons: Nathaniel & Noam Asseraf. Nathaniel is a familiar face for those of you who’ve followed MORJAS for a while. Despite having worked on several occasions Nathaniel has remained quite incognito for many. Who is the man with the sought-after charisma that keeps popping up in the world of MORJAS every now and then? What’s his story?

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behind-the-scenes-nathaniel behind-the-scenes-nathaniel
the-broadway-brothers the-broadway-brothers
weinås weinås

Interview: Andreas Weinås

We sat down with Andreas to learn more about the man who to many has become the go-to inspiration for timeless style.

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penny-loafer-grain-1200x1200 penny-loafer-grain-1200x1200
the derby brown grain the derby brown grain