About Morjas

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High-quality shoes, reimagined

Morjas is a Stockholm-based shoe brand with a clear mission: to empower our customers by offering the highest value for money in the high-quality shoe industry.

We are able to deliver exceptional value and experiences since we are vertically integrated. This means we engage directly with consumers and circumvent distributors, retailers and agents.

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Pricing that makes sense

Every idea comes from a problem. Ours was that high-quality shoes were too expensive and that the buying process has been the same for the last 100 years.

For us it made sense to pay for high quality material. It made sense to pay for skilled labour. It did not make sense to pay for unnecessary markups just because that's how it's always been done. We wanted to change that.

No importers. No agents. No retailers.
From us to you — that makes sense.

Crafted in Almansa, Spain

Our shoes are artfully crafted by hand in Almansa to highlight our dedication to the highest level of quality shoes.

Each pair is an artistical result of 128 steps that has passed 61 specialized stations with a dedicated craftsman behind every stroke.

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Goodyear welted

We craft our shoes using the Goodyear welt technique which is the most sophisticated method in shoe production. The result? Shoes you can wear for decades.

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