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MORJAS | Thank you for 2021

thank you for 2021

When I reflect upon the year that has passed I keep coming back to gratitude.

I’m grateful to our team. The group of superstars that are all aces at what they do. We have the best players on defense, midfield, and attack which as a result creates a winning team. When someone loses their position on the field someone instantly covers to ensure we don’t lose track. That sparking team dynamic is something I’m very grateful to be a part of.

I’m grateful for the community of MORJAS customers and fans that are honoring us with their trust. You have actively chosen to join our pack which is a testament to you having a curious mind, seeking to find the best. No, I’m not punching my chest and peacocking—I genuinely and wholeheartedly believe that MORJAS is the best brand in our niche if you combine quality, service, value-for-money and a holistic experience. There are so many amazing brands, many of which I look up to—but still, you’ve joined us. Thank you.

Seeing that we’ve shipped MORJAS to 97 countries during the year blows my mind. What started out of a small apartment in Stockholm has grown to a global brand touching all corners of the world. From Stockholm to New York to São Paolo to Tokyo.

I’m grateful for your continued trust. Despite the rush towards digitalisation and availability increasing at our fingertips we’re seeing a growing increase in customer loyalty and returning customers. Our retention rate has grown each year but this year has been on a new level. More and more customers are switching their entire shoe arsenal and going all-in on MORJAS which makes us proud. Thank you for being the best ambassadors we could ever ask for.

I’m grateful for our factory partners that have managed to cope despite the very challenging circumstances. We’re seeing supply chains being completely disrupted and still, our partners have innovated in order to deliver on promise. More efficient production and workflows have emerged out of the challenges we’ve faced and as a result improved output. Thank you for pushing the boundaries and being part of our mission.

I’m grateful for our friends in the industry that have worked with us directly and indirectly. What strikes me as the common denominator is that we seldomly have a supplier who just delivers X. We have close relationships with friends that deliver X+Z. It’s always the little extra and the fact that we can truly combine business with friendship is something we’re highly grateful for in our team.

I’m grateful to the group of investors that are backing, supporting and cheering on our mission. What a circle of mind-bending entrepreneurs, business leaders and game changers you are. You are not only great ambassadors, but also true friends and your support means the world. Thank you.

I’m grateful for our non-profit partner The Shoe That Grows that has continued to work hard to distribute shoes to kids in need while stimulating local workforce in Kenya through their local production. During the year our growth have enabled us to donate $17,118 which have gone to distribute 856 pair of shoes to children in need. Thank you for your tirelessness and passion to use innovation as a tool to fight poverty.

We’re wrapping up this year having doubled in size, +1500 new reviews and an average customer rating of 4.82/5. We’re more motivated than ever to welcome 2022 with new exciting features, a growing team and more inspiration than ever.

A big thank you for your continued support and being part of our flock.

Happy Holidays


Henrik Berg
CEO and Founder