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MORJAS | The Holiday Attire

how to dress for the festive season hero2

For the upcoming holidays we put the spotlights on how we dress to celebrate the year with gratitude and happiness.
From semi-formal to formal to the non-disputable black tie.

Photographed by Abraham Engelmark in Stockholm. Fronted by Andreas Weinås & Nathaniel Asseraf.

The Festive Season the opera pump black patent the-opera-pump-black-patent-mobile

The Black Tie: The indisputable attire for New Year’s Eve. The most important thing on securing a flawless black tie attire is the overall fit. The next most important thing is the silhouette. Hence, we love to wear opera pumps with black tie. It delivers a next-level formality to the look while providing some air to the bottom of the outfit which in turn creates a sharpness that is rarely achieved with other shoes, such as for example oxfords. Yes, you might think the pumps feel feminine. Own your masculinity. Own your confidence. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

the-penny-loafer-black-calf1 the-penny-loafer-black-calf1

Nathaniel in monochrome

Nathaniel mixes shades of navy with a double breasted wool blazer from Ralph Lauren, vintage trousers & wool knit. Worn with our black penny loafer.

andreas weinås the penny loafer andreas weinås the penny loafer

Formal: The DB suit

Andreas wears a vintage double breasted suit with soft chalk stripes from Ralph Lauren. Worn with a crisp white shirt and burgundy tie. Paired with black MORJAS penny loafers that has been walking the streets for roughly a year, hence the patina.

the-tassel-loafer-brown-suede the-tassel-loafer-brown-suede

Semi-formal: Earth tones & flannels

Andreas wears a flannel suit with a crickett sweater in ivory white. Paired with MORJAS brown tassel loafers and cream-shaded socks.