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The Espadrille - Cream Suede
The Espadrille - Cream Suede
The Espadrille - Cream Suede
The Espadrille - Cream Suede

The Espadrille

The Espadrille - Cream Suede

79.00 USD 67.15 USD
Morjas Universe - Cream Suede
79.00 USD 67.15 USD
  • Description
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    The Espadrille from our Spring/Summer launch 2020.
    This model runs large. Select one full size down from what you usually wear in dressed shoes. If using a sport sneaker as a preference, please select two sizes down. The Espadrille should feel tight in the beginning as they will stretch to become comfortable after just a few wears.

    Our take on the classic espadrille is crafted on a slightly higher-than-average jute sole (3cm). The higher sole creates a sharper impression, making this a companion suitable for not only days at the beach, but also for evenings at the plaza. The braided jute soles are reinforced with a layer of rubber, making them suitable for longer walks than you’d normally expect from an espadrille.

    MORJAS Universe categories explained:

    A1: Minor wear & tear (15% off)

    A2: Medium wear & tear (20% off)

    A3: Major wear & tear (25% off)

    B: Expired colour (15% off)

    C: Expired model (15% off)

    D: Sample (15% off)

    E: Defect model, e.g. a small stain of wrong colour on the leather (15% off)

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  • The Espadrille is crafted in a delicate and unlined suede. This means the material is very soft and will stretch after a few wears to become comfort at its best. Treat the suede regularly with a suede protecting spray. Use a suede brush to revive the suede when needed. The lighter suede is more sensitive to stains which is why we recommend continuous use of protecting spray. If your jute sole needs a refreshing boost we recommend mixing a bit of laundry detergent with water and gently clean with a toothbrush.