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The Archive - The Tassel Loafer
The Archive - The Tassel Loafer
The Archive - The Tassel Loafer
The Archive - The Tassel Loafer

The Tassel Loafer UK 7

The Tassel Loafer UK 7 - Brown Suede

255.00 USD 191.25 USD
The Archive - Brown Suede
255.00 USD 191.25 USD
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  • Description
    25% - Minor wear and tear

    The Tassel Loafer is the ideal shoe for effortless style. Crafted with a Goodyear welt and made by hand, this classic loafer features tassel accents and comes on both rubber and leather outsoles. The result is an elevated look with a hint of flair, working just as well for a date night as a day filled with meetings at the office.

    • Crafted by hand in Spain

    • Goodyear welted

    • Full leather lining

    • Single leather sole

    • Fits large in size. General recommendation: Take half a size down

    SKU: 979
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    Treat the products with love, care and respect when trying on for size and think of the next person that will unbox these shoes if you return them.

  • The calf suede is treated with a protecting spray during the last step in production. We do recommend applying suede spray regularly to create an extra layer of protection against water and dirt. If stains or watermarks occur gently brush the shoes with a suede brush in soft, circular motions. For any stubborn stains use a high-quality suede shampoo. To revive suede, use natural steam with a rubber suede brush.

    Our friend Anders won the Swedish national championship in shoe care and recommends 3 golden rules:

    1. Alternate between wears: We recommend letting your Morjas shoes to rest after wear and alternate between your styles. The shoes need time to recover from the humidity produced by your feet and the outdoor elements.

    2. Use shoe trees: Shoe trees will help maintain the shape and structure in between wears. Using our specially crafted cedar shoe trees will encourage the evaporation of moisture and eliminate any undesirable odors.

    3. Use a shoehorn: Using a shoehorn will protect the counter ensuring your shoes maintain their proper fit and comfort.