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The Archive - The Penny Loafer Unlined Medium Brown Suede
The Archive - The Penny Loafer Unlined Medium Brown Suede
The Archive - The Penny Loafer Unlined
The Archive - The Penny Loafer Unlined

The Penny Loafer UK 11.5

265.30 USD 379.00 USD
  • Description
    30% - Medium wear and tear

    The unlined construction means the loafer is über soft and crafted without an inner lining. This makes the penny more breathable, more flexible and softer than usual.

    • Fits large in size. General recommendation: Take half a size down

    • Crafted by hand in Spain

    • Goodyear welted

    • Unlined construction

    • Reverse suede

    • Single leather sole

    SKU: 2494
  • The Penny Loafer - Medium Brown Suede 11.5
  • Fits large in size. We recommend selecting half a size down from what you usually wear in lace-up shoes.
  • The calf suede is treated with a protecting spray during the last step in production. We do recommend applying suede spray regularly to create an extra layer of protection against water and dirt. If stains or watermarks occur, gently brush the shoes with a suede brush in soft, circular motions. For any stubborn stains use a high-quality suede shampoo.

    Some tips to follow, ensuring the longevity of your shoes:

    1. Alternate between wears: We recommend letting your shoes to rest after wear and alternate between your styles. The shoes need time to recover from the humidity produced by your feet and the outdoor elements.

    2. Use shoe trees: Shoe trees will help maintain the shape and structure in between wears. Using our specially crafted cedar shoe trees will encourage the evaporation of moisture and eliminate any undesirable odors.

    3. Use a shoehorn: Using a shoehorn will protect the counter ensuring your shoes maintain their proper fit and comfort.