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Nathaniel Asseraf Wearing Morjas Espadrille
Nathaniel Asseraf Wearing Morjas Espadrille

Men of Morjas

We are grateful to be working with some of the coolest, kindest, sharpest and most unique personalities in the world of menswear, style and design. We are always looking for the people who have a strong X-factor. It has to be genuine and we want our collaboration to be a loving two-way relationship. Below you’ll find some hand-picked inspiration from collaborations we’ve made.

John Goldberger

Auro Montanari, who goes by the pseudonym John Goldberger, is known for having one of the world’s rarest watch collections and being one of the most respected experts in the field. We are honored to be the first brand ever in the menswear space to do a campaign with the man, who to many, is considered a legend.


Oliver Kumbi

Oliver is the ideal example of what humble confidence looks like. His persona and his aura is relaxed. Comfortable. And always short to laughter. Even if he has achieved more than many can dream of, he has his feet on the ground leading with example everyday. His X-factor? Besides his personality - his eyes.


Luca Rubinacci

During the spring of 2019 we collaborated with Luca Rubinacci to celebrate our launch of The Penny Loafer. All clothes are from Luca’s personal wardrobe and many items are inherited from Luca’s father and grandfather. Curiosa: this was the first-ever collaboration Luca has done with a shoe or clothing brand. When we asked Luca what made him do it he replied “Wonderful high-quality shoes, lovely brand and handmade in Spain."


James Turner

England’s “Rock 'n' roll meets 1950s decadence” son James Turner has a style that doesn’t leave anyone untouched. The first time we saw James we jumped on the phone trying to get in touch with the man that we today call a dear friend. We did this photoshoot in James' neighborhood in England to highlight the launch of The Tassel Loafer.


Andreas Weinås

It’s simple. Andreas only settles for the best. Just take a look at his personal wardrobe and you’ll understand that only the crème de la crème is good enough. That's why we are especially glad to have worked with Andreas on several occasions. Andreas wore our shoes for a year before we officially did our first photoshoot.


Nathaniel Asseraf

Our beloved friend that knows more about vintage than anyone else, has such a unique style that he has gathered a following across the whole globe. No-one can match a pair of vintage trousers with our loafers as good as Nathaniel.


Kevis Manzi

The mix-and-match magician Kevis Manzi represents from Paris. You thought you knew what combos work best? Think again. During our photoshoot with Kev we shook our heads when he personally matched items from his wardrobe. When the outfit was complete we were left in awe. How does he do it? Well, that’s the beauty. He is a natural born talent.


Jislain Duval

Mother-in-law sweetheart dream Jislain Duval is the definition of casual elegance. Born in Canada and living in NYC, we found common ground in London and did a photoshoot for the launch of The Chukka during the fall of 2019. Jislain's smile says it all.

Fredrik Karlsson

Stockholm-based interior designer Fredrik Karlsson sixth sense for style and design has made him a name in the world of interior design so buzzed that everyone wants a piece of the streetwear-aficionado. When Fredrik dresses up, he dresses up sharp. And bold. Who better to represent the launch of our confidence booster The Single Monkstrap?