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All of our products are made by hand, in smaller quantities. We never want to be in a situation where we have ordered too many items. Instead, we order products to fill the demand. Sometimes, this means we have too little in stock, but on the other hand, we know we won't have overproduced and used up valuable resources for nothing. Every choice we make as a business defines our ethos, and our aim is to always be as transparent as possible.

Most of the ateliers we work with are family businesses run by the same families for generations, giving us the confidence and security to know that no single detail is left to chance.

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Our products are made in three different countries — Spain, where we produce our Goodyear welted dress shoes, loafers and lace-ups. Portugal, where our sneakers are made, and Italy, where some of our loafer styles are made. Each producer is an expert at their own unique thing. Since our products are made by hand, the craftsmen have spent years perfecting their work, which can be noticed in even the most minor details and remarks in our products.

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Materials and Sourcing

We work almost exclusively with leather. It's a natural product that can live forever when correctly cared for. Our hides come from different producers within Europe. Most tanneries are 100+ years old, with heavy knowledge and ambition to make the process as environmentally responsible as possible. Most of our leather and hides are traceable down to the single animal that was used to source the product, meaning that Q&C becomes better, as well as animal welfare in general.

We ensure the highest quality standards for our shoes and small leather goods by sourcing leathers certified by the Leather Working Group. These materials are sourced from locations with environmental best practices, including chemical and water management, energy use, emissions, waste management and hide traceability.

Our packaging comes from the same little town — Almansa — as our shoes are made. A genuinely local production with minimal logistical impact.

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Shipping and logistics are always a struggle when you want to do as little impact as possible. That's why we are continuously working towards emission-free delivery options to become climate neutral, from production to final delivery. When we ship outside of Europe, DHL Express is our leading partner. They have 100% climate-compensated shipping, which they offset by investing and donating to different climate projects.

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When purchasing a pair of MORJAS shoes, you can be sure to treasure them for years to come. Our shoes are made with the Goodyear welt technique, meaning that you can re-sole your shoes repeatedly, year after year. We suggest rotating between 2-3 shoes, and with a good routine and care for them, they are guaranteed to hold up for as long as you'd like them to. This philosophy is crucial for us, as we only want our customers to buy what they need and want — when they need it. Nothing makes us more proud than seeing a pair of well-loved (and taken care of) MORJAS shoes.

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