Morjas Gives Back

We give 1% of our revenue to help children walk in shoes to protect their feet

The Shoe That Grows

We do this by partnering with a great organization called The Shoe That Grows. With your help we use the positive cycle of innovation to fight against the negative cycle of poverty.

Using Innovation To Solve Problems

300 million children in the world suffer from soil-transmitted diseases. The single biggest reason to these diseases? No shoes.

Walking barefoot directly on the ground can cause a small scratch to become a serious illness. To help fight this problem, we partner with The Shoe That Grows.

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The Growing Shoe

Developed after seeing children at orphanages in Kenya walking barefoot since they outgrew their shoes at extreme pace, Kenton Lee decided to develop a shoe that can actually grow.

With its expandable methods it can grow in 5 sizes and in 3 different ways: at the front, on the sides and at the back.

Local Production

By focusing on producing locally, The Shoe That Grows creates jobs where the shoes are most commonly distributed.

In the last 1,5 years 40 jobs has been created in Ethiopia alone. Kenya and Haiti are next up with factories opening during 2019.

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Our Giving Model

At Morjas, our mission is to empower our customers by providing the highest value for money in the arena of high-quality shoes while creating positive social impact. As part of that effort there are mainly two ways in which we help:

  1. We give 1% of our revenues that goes straight to donating shoes to children in need

  2. We train and share expertise to help local production grow

At our partnership launch we did our first donation which was based retroactively on our sales since launch, meaning that every customer has contributed to help children get access to shoes.

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