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The Archive - The Trainer White leather
The Archive - The Trainer White leather
The Archive - The Trainer
The Archive - The Trainer

The Trainer UK 12

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  • Beschreibung
    25% - Minor wear and tear

    The Trainer marries soft suede with plush padding around the ankle and a cushioning sole. All to make you look sharp from early morning to late night.

    • Crafted in high-quality Italian leather

    • Durable rubber sole

    • Removable inner sole

    • Arch support & cushioned build

    • Made by hand in Portugal

    • Fits true to size

    SKU: 2472
  • The Trainer - White leather 12
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  • Tip #1:
    Keep a brush in your hallway. Quickly brush off the shoes after each wear. This allows for the leather to stay rich and not build continuous layers of dirt.

    Tip #2:
    When the rubber soles get dirty, use acetone or nail polish remover. Apply the remover on cotton pads and clean the sole. Try on a small part of the sole before doing the full treatment.

    Tip #3:
    Use shoe trees in cedar wood. The cedar wood evaporates moisture and eliminates any undesirable odors. It also helps to maintain shape and structure.

    Tip #4:
    When doing a more extensive treatment, start by removing the laces. Brush the shoes with a shoe brush. Clean off dirt with a sponge and XX. Apply the laces again, preferably a new fresh pair if the worn laces have had their days of glory.

    Tip #5:
    When taking off the shoes, do not remove one shoe by putting the heel to the other shoe as support. This will wear out the heels quicker. Remove the shoes with your hands instead.