Product care

The secret to long lasting style and comfort lies in care.

Each Morjas shoe is the product of expert craftsmanship undertaking over 120 steps from block to box – fortunately our care guide is much simpler so there’s really no excuse.

  1. Use a shoehorn – using a shoehorn will protect the counter ensuring your shoes maintain their proper fit and comfort.
  2. Alternate between ‘Wear & Care’ – as tempting as it might be to wear your Morjas shoes two days in a row, we do recommend alternating after each wear to allow the shoes time to recover from the outdoor elements and the humidity produced by your feet. Excess moisture will alter the structure of the leather.
  3. Use shoe trees – a shoe tree will help to maintain the shape and structure in between wears. Using our specially crafted cedar shoe tree will encourage the evaporation of moisture and eliminate any undesirable odours.
  4. Watch the weather – If you get caught in a storm air dry your shoes away from a direct heat source to prevent the leather from cracking. Placing newspaper inside the shoes followed by your shoe trees will also help eradicate excess moisture.