All orders and deliveries are processed as normal

We are processing orders and deliveries as normal. Our warehouse in Gothenburg, Sweden is working as usual with all colleagues using disinfectants regularly and a zero tolerance to let anyone work if they have any symptoms that deviates from a 100% healthy condition.

We are now increasing our efforts to offer more convenient shipping options to deliver your order. We are now also offering home delivery in all countries so that you don’t have to walk outside if you don’t want to. Below we’ve listed the Morjas delivery options and how they work.

Postnord Service Point

Your order will be shipped to the nearest service point based on the delivery address provided. When your order is available for pick-up at the service point Postnord will send you a notification.

Available in: Sweden.

Budbee Home Delivery Evening

With Budbee your order will be delivered to your door in the evening. You can set your own delivery date in Budbee’s app or via the tracking link they send to you. During the delivery you can provide Budbee with information regarding door code, floor number and if the driver should place the package outside your door, knock on the door or ring the doorbell.

Available in: Sweden and Netherlands.

UPS Standard Home Delivery and UPS Express Home Delivery

The driver will only do one delivery attempt at your door. If you are not able to receive your order at the given day and time, you will receive a notice from UPS. The parcel will then be delivered to the closest UPS Access Point. You can then choose to make a new delivery attempt by contacting UPS. Available in rest of the world.

Contact our team

Our team is here to serve and answer any questions you might have.

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Our warmest regards, The Morjas Team

Delivery restrictions updated 2020-04-08

COVID-19 is impacting all of us, both as individuals and in our communities, in different ways. Due to the rapid changing environment Governments of several countries are implementing various containment measures in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. Within some countries, some parcel deliveries may not be possible due to the closure of shops or businesses, or restrictions in various postcodes.

We’re working in close contact with our international shipping carriers every day regarding COVID-19 and its impact. At this given point we can't ensure delivery to the following regions in each country due to delivery restrictions communicated from our carriers.

Deliveries to the following areas are impacted at this time:

Italy (City & Post codes)

Deliveries have been suspended and will be stored for 15 days. Post codes impacted:
Nerola – 00017
Contigliano – 02043
Fondi – 04022
Medicina – 40059
Teramo – 64030
Arsita – 64031
Bisenti – 64033
Castiglione Messer Raimondo – 64034
Castilenti – 64035
Pescara – 65010
Ariano Irpino – 83031
Sala Consilina – 84036
Caggiano – 84030
Polla – 84035
Atena Lucana – 84030
Moliterno – 85047
Riccia – 86016
Pozzilli – 86077
Venafro – 86079 San Lucido – 87038
Rogliano – 87054
Santo Stefano di Rogliano – 87056 Cosenza – 87060
Cutro – 88842
Montebello Ionico – 89064
Vibo Valentia – 89822
Palermo – 90030
Salemi – 91018
Agira – 94011
Troina – 94018
Deliveries are delayed due to local conditions. Post codes impacted:
Modena – 41010 to 41059, 41121 to 41126
Genova – 16010 to 16049, 16121 to 16167
L ́Aquila – 67010 to 67069, 67100

Austria (Post codes)

Deliveries have been impacted in the following post codes.
5541, 5542
5611, 5612, 5630, 5632, 5645,
5700, 5753,
6553, 6555, 6561, 6563, 6580

France (Post codes)

Deliveries have been impacted in the following post codes.
07110 to 07120, 07140 to 07190
07310 to 07330, 07380 to 07409
07440 to 07470
07630 to 07660
26150 to 26190, 26220 to 26230, 26310, 26340
26410 to 26470
26510, 26560 to 26570
26730 to 26740

Portugal (Post codes)

Shipments must be dropped off with pre-printed labels in the following post codes.
3880000 – 3880999
3885000 – 3885999